About Cherrylake

Cherrylake, a family-owned company, is located in the heart of Lake County, Florida. In 1983, the company experienced devastating freezes that killed most of their citrus crops. After moving the citrus operation down south, they diversified into ornamental tree farming in 1985. Today, they are fully integrated with operations in tree farming, landscape construction, and landscape maintenance. Their tree farm is one of the largest wholesale producers of ornamental trees, palms, and shrubs in North America with over 1,800 acres in production and they build and maintain high profile projects for theme parks, resorts, and communities throughout the state of Florida.

Cherrylake is purpose driven and focused on building people, communities, and ideas. It's not what you do but why you do it. Cherrylake lives by these 5 why words: beauty, vision, life, and community.

Cherrylake is a recognized leader for their environmental stewardship, commitment to the community, and builders of beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscapes.

You can learn more at cherrylake.com.

Race Location:

7836 Cherry Lake Road
Groveland, FL 34736